Jalite Assembly Station Location

Use letters or numbers to identify assembly or embarkation stations and place them on the right hand side of the safety sign.

Assembly Station Location

4026Q 300 x 300mm
4026C 150 x 150mm

4871P 75 x 150mm
4871G 150 x 300mm

4872P 75 x 150mm
4872G 150 x 300mm

4873P 75 x 150mm
4873G 150 x 300mm

4874P 75 x 150mm
4874G 150 x 300mm

4875P 75 x 150mm
4875G 150 x 300mm

4876P 75 x 150mm
4876G 150 x 300mm

4877P 75 x 150mm
4877G 150 x 300mm

4878P 75 x 150mm
4878G 150 x 300mm

Assembly Station Location

4026C 150 x 150mm
4026Q 300 x 300mm

4519C 150 x 150mm
4519Q 300 x 300mm

4860C 150 x 150mm
4860Q 300 x 300mm

4870C 150 x 150mm
4870Q 300 x 300mm

4680G 150 x 300mm
4680L 100 x 200mm

4683G 150 x 300mm
4683L 100 x 200mm

4684G 150 x 300mm
4684L 100 x 200mm

4685G 150 x 300mm
4685L 100 x 200mm

4688G 150 x 300mm
4688L 100 x 200mm

4681G 150 x 300mm
4681L 100 x 200mm

4686G 150 x 300mm
4686L 100 x 200mm

4687G 150 x 300mm
4687L 100 x 200mm

Assembly Station Location

4682FSG 150 x 300mm

4689FSG 150 x 300mm

4519P20 200 x 200mm

Assembly Station Emergency Notices

5581DD 200 x 300mm

Emergency notices are available in different languages
and to your own design on request.